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Welcome to our wine portfolio, where we showcase our unique wines with fascinating stories. Our collection includes more than just biblically themed wines, as we also offer a variety of other original and  exceptional pieces.

At Wine Solution, we believe that wine is more than just a drink – it is an art form. That’s why we put great emphasis on the design and styling of our bottles, as well as the quality of the wine inside. From the elegant etching on the glass to the carefully curated label design,
we take pride in every detail of our wine.

Explore our portfolio and discover the perfect wine for any occasion. Whether
you’re a collector or simply looking for a special bottle to share with loved ones, we have something for everyone. Join us on a journey of taste and tradition, and experience the art of wine with Wine Solution.


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The JESUS ​​collection contains the best wines that were selected from the entire production of the given year…

Christ’s treasures

Christ’s treasures are our jewels,
which we create with innovative methods.



The wine is slightly yellow in color, offering aromas of ripe fruit with floral to nutmeg-spicy notes…


Sparkling golden color. The aroma is more intense and reminiscent of elderberry and gooseberry flowers…


The golden yellow color will captivate you
at first sight. In the taste we can find
a beautifully spiced wine…


Carbonated Moravian sparkling wine.
A unique and unique taste combined
with refreshment…

Double Magnum

Special limited edition pálava in 3L. Original processed bottle together with basket.